We know how difficult being a college student is & we want to let you know about these cool resources provided by UCSC which focus on helping students with basic necessities and other resourceful places:


STARS provides culturally responsive support to transfer, re-entry, veteran students, as well as students who do not have traditional family support due to experiences in the foster care system, with homelessness, abuse, parents who have been incarcerated, or other factors impacting their family life. They provide services such as counceling, advising, food, test supplies, coumputer lab and a lounge to study!

Renissance Scholars Program

The Renaissance Program works with those who have been forced to be independent at a young age. Examples of students who may find community with us include, but are not limited to: Current/Former Foster Youth, Homelessness Prior to UCSC, Formerly incarcerated and those with incarcerated family members, Toxic, Violent and/or Unsafe Home Environment, Ward of the Court, Emancipated minor, or Orphan.

ERC (Resource Center)

Each of the 6 resource centers offer students various services through academic, cultural and community support activities.

Slug Support

Slug Support is deidcated to help students in need of urgent assitance such as with food, housing and or any other conceerns.

Disability Resource Center

DRC is committed to helping student with needs and or accomodations.

Food Pantry

Search for near by campus locations that have food pantries!

Women's Center


The Cove